Yahoo, on March 20 event featuring Android

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On March 20 there will be a very important event Yahoo based on Android: costar ever in Serbia for us the company?

The moment of Yahoo has finally arrived: a long-rumored upcoming Android event, but it was never confirmed anything, but today Jean-Baptiste Queru, maintainer of AOSP Android, has confirmed that March 20 will be a very important conference with the presence of the principal members of the company. Nothing has been unveiled by the company, but it seems that in the pot bubble something extremely tasty, as well as from state on Google Plus :


“Yahoo will host an Android event in our New York office on the evening of March 20. We will talk about the development of Android, Yahoo […] and in particular on the role that the New York office of Yahoo play in this scenario. I’ll take care of the part of the architecture of things. You can expect some short presentations by a few people, including myself, and enough time to mingle, chat, exchange ideas, answer questions. This is also a good time to have an up-to-date resume ready.”

Immediately after Queru provides a page on which developers can register to participate, and right on this page do not find anything that interests us: we speak of this event that will focus on Robottino Green, jokingly described, among other things, as an appointment based tacos and music.

What did you think of Yahoo with Android?

So far, Yahoo has never accomplished anything in the field of hardware and we doubt it will, since they have never been put online rumor like this: we have to assume something in the field of software, hoping that it is a program or application useful. All ready for March 20?


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