Word Monsters is a new game for Android and iOS

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If you are looking for games for Android and iOS, Word Monsters is right up your alley.

Word Monsters is a new game for Android and iOS : it is not a strategic or an adventure, let alone an RPG , but a title very similar to Ruzzle ; if this, in fact, create new words through a particular combination of movements, with Word Monster need to find words made ​​sense in a grid of letters . We do not know if and how successful will, but it is not as bad as the game: you can also test it by downloading it via Apple or Google PlayStore.

AppsThe game is fully part in the project of publishing the author of Angry Birds, Rovio Stars : The team has in fact created this project to bring out the best stocks moving the work of emerging developers (in this case, the Raketspel); as most fans of casual gaming will certainly, in that project fell full even Icebreaker and Tiny Thief, which have had some success, as well as Juice Cubes, which, however, did not go very well.

The presentation of Word Monsters

The video autoplay clearly shows what you should do in Word Monsters: the words are enclosed in a grid and it’s up to you to find them; the game challenge should not be impossible, at least at the beginning. We leave you to the official presentation of the game:

  • Play with your friends! Challenge them to those who can wipe out the words as fast as possible!
  • Many themes! Use over 25 themes available and related words, or other sbloccane; can guadagnarteli, or buy them!
  • Challenge the world! Compete against players in your language or of other nationalities, scale and global leader boards!
  • Create your own monster! Add a little ‘personality to your avatar creating a monster funny, funny or scary!

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