Withings Activité, an analog clock with built-in fitness tracker

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The Withings Activité is not a smartwatch, but it is a beautiful analog clock also equipped with sensors to make fitness tracker

We do not always smartwatch is the right answer, and in fact we have already had occasion to note that an object stylish while not equipped with the latest technology, however, is often the right gadgets to make inroads into the heart of the consumer.

SmartwatchNow we do not know for example if the beautiful Withings Activité is the fitness tracker that sloganeering category among users, but we know that the French company has certainly created a beautiful accessory to be connected to your wrist. Like all watches (you still remember what they are?) Tells us the time, but in contrast to others helps us to establish a table of exercises and studying our sleep to suggest how to improve our health and our well-being.

Fitness tracker, there are many, but the Activité is unique because it does not seem straight out of Star Trek , is “only” an analog clock built in Switzerland, chrome, round, with a leather thong and two colors: silver and black. The watch is resistant to 5-meter dive and no one will notice its load of internal technology. Not that there’s to be ashamed and hide it, but we say that the Activité is discreet and very nice.

In addition to the usual hands and face, there is a second smaller dial below the first. This is not a stopwatch or phases of the moon, it is the hand of our fitness tracker. Mark how much of our daily time of training we have completed, in a way that requires neither app nor LED.

The Activité also marks our sleep and the number of steps, and they ship them to our smartphones (iOS only for now) with the usual Bluetooth LE.

Withings is a French brand that produces other fitness tracker and is expanding its ecosystem. Needless to say that their strategy is to “disappear” the wearables in everyday objects. Too bad, though, that the wrist watch is no longer an object of every day for at least a decade …


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