Wishbone, the thermometer for the smartphone funded with 150 thousand dollars on Kickstarter

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On Kickstarter, Wishbone is a hit: the thermometer for smartphones was funded in mass.

A new project on Kickstarter is having great success: it is called Wishbone and is nothing but a kind of thermometer for the smartphone. The startup Chinese Joywing Tech – this, the name of the team that carried out the project – has seen fit to create a thermometer smaller than digital ones, that, by connecting to the audio jack of the phone, allows to detect the body temperature in only two seconds : a good job, no doubt about it, very special too, even if you do not see it necessary (especially if you consider that the price is not too much bass).

gadgetWishbone works in a very simple and intuitive: just plug it into the audio jack, it will launch an ‘application for Android and iOS, and then you’ll have to bring the phone to the front of the child, maintaining a distance of between 3 and 5 cm. Once you’ve done all this, the phone display will show the temperature reading, which is subject to a maximum error of 0.2° C.

Wishbone, price and output of the thermometer

Said the price … yes, being pre-order, Wishbone is sold at 29 € and is available in various colors. Shipments of the thermometer will begin in April, so you can get the thermometer very soon if you are interested of course: a story that those who financed the project will certainly read with enthusiasm, as to want the device have been in several ( had to be collected 20 thousand dollars, and instead we got more than 100 thousand). We’ll see if consumers will be satisfied or not.


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