Why is Organic Search Engine Optimization More Efficient than Advertisements?

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There are many ways you can promote your eCommerce site on the Internet. It’s quite common for most online business owners to implement strategies including pay-per-click advertising or using affiliate sharing websites. While these methods can help increase traffic to your web-based retail location, organic search optimization may be more valuable when considering the return-on-investment. This isn’t saying that PPC and other strategies are not valuable – because they are. However, organic improvements could be more important when considering making a sale or a lead.

SEO benefit a business

Organic search results are those that visitors conduct themselves that are not related to advertising placement. When you’re eCommerce page shows up in a search result due to the content related to the criteria, that is an organic page rank. Although your pay-per-click campaign may show your online store in the top result due to the money you put in for a bid, it is not an organic result. The reason why these organic searches are so important even if you’re ads are showing on the top of the list is because it improves your overall page rank regardless of the advertising. If you were to be outbid by a competing eCommerce location selling the same items, your page rank could still put your site on the first page.

Depending on what you’re selling on your eCommerce page, your organic result could have a higher ROI than your advertisement. Using PPC campaigns will continuously cost you money with each click. Every time someone is interested in your product through these ads, it will cost you money. However, optimization for organic search doesn’t have the same kind of investment. Although it will cost you money upfront for a professional to help drive your site to the first page of the results, it doesn’t continuously cost you money as it does with PPC. After you have paid the professional, any click to your website from an organic result page doesn’t continuously cost you money. This could also increase sales and leads as those interested in your product from the organic results could be more interested in making a purchase as it is a product or service that he or she searched for specifically.

Organic search results could put your eCommerce on a page that you simply cannot afford to display as a PPC campaign. Although paying for these advertisements can be very beneficial to your eCommerce business, you can still be successful through the search criteria of a user. Never underestimate the power of proper SEO techniques as they can help you achieve goals beyond what you realized in the past. For more tips visit http://thewholeweek.com/



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