What a User Reputation System Would Mean for PS4 Owners

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Only older gamers can remember when the Super Nintendo first hit the market. Though the characters could only run from left to right, it seemed as though video game graphics had reached their absolute pinnacle. As Sega and Nintendo continued to develop the market, more advanced technology companies entered the arena, making incredible strides. Sony and Microsoft have vastly improved the field of processors, and today’s video games are near mirror images of real life. However, everything about the latest generation of systems hasn’t been positive.


Online Gaming: the Gift and the Curse
The PS4 is hands down the most advanced gaming system ever devised. The incredible graphics are a great asset and you can personalize your console with a stylish Playstation 4 skin. However, the ability to join a community of gamers from all over the world is what makes this latest generation of home gaming systems so superior to previous generations.

Multiple Member Online (MMO) games are designed to unite gamers and encourage them to build bonds and even rivalries. Some games, such as those featured in the Call of Duty franchise, even allow direct communication between players. However, there are a few bad apples in society who live only to ruin the experience for the rest of the bunch. This trend sends to hold true more often in Player vs. Player (PVP) games.

Ugly Little Trolls
The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat can bring out the most extreme emotions in a gamer. However, there’s never a need to result to childish name calling. Slinging racial slurs and profanity after a loss has become all too common in the world of online gaming, and there’s finally something being done about it. Microsoft has already implemented a system which addresses bad behavior, and Sony will probably follow suit soon.

Breaking Down the Ratings System
Xbox One’s player rating system allows gamers to file complaints against gamers who insult their fellow players. Of course, many people think this is a fabulous idea, because online trolling has become a pandemic. Sony now finds themselves under pressure to implement a similar system. Sony conducted a survey recently asking PS4 owners how they felt about a rating system. If the response is overwhelming, you could see a system similar to the Xbox One’s reputation system.

The reputation system assigns a player a reputation based on his or her previous actions. A player with numerous complaints will be assigned a lower rating. Players who rarely have any complaints filed against them will receive a higher rating. In the Xbox system, there are four levels, Good, Needs Work, Needs a Lot of Work and Avoid Me. Since the rating is clearly displayed on each gamer’s game card, it’s easy to tell who’s there to play and who’s there to be a dweeb.

Though the rating system seems like a great idea, there is the threat of gamers filing false reports against people who have simply outclassed them on the battlefield. However, Microsoft says it has to substantiate any claims prior to taking action against a gamer.  This idea will probably be supported by the PS4 community, and bad behavior and trolling will finally be addressed.

No Love for Trash Talkers?
Unfortunately, a rating system makes it difficult for negatively rated players to find a match. However, players with the lowest ratings will typically be pitted against one another in most PVP games. One of the system’s goals is to match players with like minded individuals. Many people don’t consider they may be referring to a child when they go on their slanderous rants. The potty mouths can play against one another while the more civil gamers blow each other to smithereens over tea and crumpets.

It’s About Darn Time
Online bullying is an epidemic in the United States and the rest of the civilized world. Most gamers play to escape from the daily stress of life. A foul mouthed tyrant can ruin any MMO or PVP experience if the other parties aren’t accustomed to such language. While there should be zero tolerance for racial slurs, a few foul mouthed adults should be able to volley four letter words as they hunt one another with assault rifles. This is what’s so great about the Xbox One’s ratings system. Trash talkers typically prefer other trash talkers to play against. This also prevents children from being exposed to foul language, making the gaming community a better place.


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