Wearable devices abandoned after only six months of use

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After only six months of use, the wearable devices are abandoned: these are the results of last search

The data will not do much pleasure to companies that are working to bring wearable devices on the market at an affordable price and with the technical specifications and features far less interesting (though not quite dissimilitude, let’s face it): Think of all the devices designed by Samsung, to iWatch Apple is still working on that and all the rest of the competitors like Sony , which are certainly not left to watch.

GadgetThe report of which we speak today is signed Endeavour Partners and is very interesting, because it shows that 40% of Americans who bought bracelets and smartwatch he has never wanted to use; This is not because they are broken or have reduced their performance, but because they failed to prove useful and attractive in the long run and therefore have failed in their mission full (you all know that the goal of the companies is not only to sell the product, but to create a strong dependence on the product itself).

New devices is nothing new

Panorama has taken the research in this article , taking other sources and clarifying the issues at stake:

“A little ‘out of curiosity, a little’ because attracted by fashion, we test them, we give them trust. But then, at least in one case out of two, leave them in the box, in a drawer, or gathering dust in some corner of the house. Why? He says it again, which reinforces the previous one and is signed by CCS Insight: who has one of these bracelets, stop using it in four cases out of ten because it is boring or, more simply, because you forget to wear it.”

In the study of Endeavour Partners gives the example of the diet or the gym: people try to change your eating habits and lifestyle, but then return to the usual ones because they are tired; It just so happens with smartwatch, which, not having on their side a function killer and really helpful, and goes directly into oblivion.


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