Valve launches Steam Music and takes another step in his conquest of living

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When it announced its Steam Valve OS platform did especially promoting the games section, but the idea of this company, confirmed by its leaders, was from the beginning not limited to this area.

The multimedia experience will be part of this ambitious proposal Valve, and just take the first step in this direction with the launch of Steam Music, a service that will allow users to enjoy their music libraries and pointing to many more options in the future.

SoftwareCurrently, only local music
Although the service name may sound to something else for now Steam Music will “listen to your own music library while playing games”, which means that the idea is for local content targeted at those times.

The library of Steam include thumbnails of albums and artists-do not indicate what service they use to add that metadata-, and from there we can create lists and course control playback with the Steam Controller or with a mouse and keyboard thanks to Steam Big Picture mode.

In Valve will offer gradual beta service for those interested to join the group Steam Music in discussion forums Steam community but all stakeholders can participate in their development by providing suggestions and feedback about the service access.

This small step is definitely the first of what Valve wants to give in the field of multimedia options for your platform. In fact, the idea will likely be able to not only access local music we have stored on our hard drives or your home network, but the leap to online services and even purchase songs and albums through agreements with stores that provide such services.

Later, movies and series
Steam supply should be completed not long after accessing the playback of video content. We may see a similar display, and the first step in this direction cover management functions and playing movies and series we store locally.

From there, of course, on the horizon the possibility to access content from services such us allow us to rent a movie or an episode of a series to enjoy through our Steam Machine. While Valve may be contemplating becoming a content provider, the leg that are covered services such as Netflix, which can be accessed from Linux in a while – and probably see agreements in this regard in the future.

This proposal will make Valve can compete as equals in all facets of entertainment that have already conquered both the Xbox 360 and Xbox One as the PS3 and PS4. Games are an important part of these proposals, but those responsible for Steam Machines Steam OS and fortunately seem to be clear-that the conquest of living also offer passes that offer multimedia so critical.


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