TrekStor PowerBoom Mobile: Small portable speaker

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Small, colorful and efficient, the PowerBoom Mobile is a portable speaker TrekStor created for outdoor activities.

With the arrival of spring and the beautiful days increases the desire for long trips, relaxed fit or sporty. The PowerBoom of TrekStor is perfectly tailored to the needs of the outdoor life, giving the magic of the notes in a wide range of environmental canvases, perhaps matching the genre of music you like.

GadgetIf you want you can also listen to the news, to keep up to date on the facts of the world, but it is likely that they are songs and compositions to the staff to gain primacy, in keeping with the mission of stress excursions in nature.

Comfortable and functional

This speaker connects to the smartphone in an instant via Bluetooth and if there is an incoming call, briefly interrupts the playback of music, special sound to communicate with the incoming call.

To answer handsfree just press a button. Same operation to end the call and resume the execution of the seven notes at the exact point where it was interrupted. All this without removing the phone from his pocket.

Good music delivery

The PowerBoom promises excellent quality of listening, thanks to dual-class amplifier. For the special purpose of which is oriented more, his body is rubber coated, not to create anxieties of mind during use. The engagement of the protective layer does not affect the image, which in fact becomes even more joyful.

This speaker, with a range of up to ten hours at full charge, has the right credentials for trekking, camping and trips to the beach. It shows a young and colorful look that marries the atmosphere of spring and summer.


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