TP Vision, Philips introduces a new series of TV Full HD and Ultra HD

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TP Vision announces the arrival of some new-entry screens with the lineup of Full HD and Ultra HD. The offer will be made up of the TV Series 6000, Series 7000 and 8159 Smart TV with Android operating system.

The category of TVs with high resolution screens is enriched with new devices that will be introduced by TP Vision during the course of the year. TP Vision is a joint venture established by China’s TPV Technology Limited and Philips televisions and products will be exactly traded under the brand name of the latter.

TechFor 2014 TPV opens the door to a PCA lineup of high-definition TV screens that will be made ​​up with quality Full HD, Ultra HD and smart functions belonging to the Series 6000 , Series 7000 and the model 8159 , with Android OS, Series 8000.

Series 6000

6000 Series will be part of four models ( 6100, 6300, 6600 and 6700 ), each of which has the main features that make up the amenities of the new range TP Vision, including the 3D technology. They are designed with a slim, no frame and built with materials such as glass and metals. The models 6100 and 6300 are supported by a dual-core processor while the models 6600 and 6700 have in addition the technology Micro dimmin Pro that adjusts the LED backlight based on ambient light.

As proprietary technology Ambilight, placed on the sides of the screen, creates a bright area around the edges, changing color in relation to the images extending virtually the aspect ratio of the screen. Smart Features, finally, are made ​​up of Philips My Remot and Wi-Fi Miracast and SimplyShare, which allow you to easily share content between TV and mobile devices.

Series 7000

As in the case of the 6000 Series 7000 Series models also come with Ambilight and 3D technology in the field but bring a better screen resolution. The models 7100 and 7500 will have a quality Full HD while the model while the 7800 will be capable of a resolution Ultra HD. Here too we find the smart features Philips MyRemote app, Wi-Fi and Miracast Simply Share addition to offering Philips Smart TV on-demand content and applications online. In addition, the 7500 model will benefit from a wireless subwoofer.

Smart TV 8159

The 8159 model will be the first Philips TV based on Android operating system and, as reported by the company, is the first to be focused on that platform. The TV will be available in two models, from 48 to 55 inches that can access the contents of Google Play using a quad-core processor for multimedia content and video games.

Regarding the vision of this model has the same technology as the Micro Dimming Pro and Ambilight on the side while we still Philips Smart TV Remote, Wi-Fi and Miracast SimplyShare.


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