This CPU core 25 Open Source wants to be the heart of a computer with 200,000 cores

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A group of researchers at Princeton University have developed an Open Source chip based on the SPARC architecture has 25 cores and has a very special feature: it is very scalable, which could destine in the future to a computer with 200,000 cores.

The chip has been named Piton, and is designed with the goal of being particularly flexible and easily scalable so that the combination of many of these CPUs can take advantage from the first server where a high degree needed of parallel processing.

this-cpu-core-25-open-source-wants-to-be-the-heart-of-a-computer-with-200000-coresMany cores for intensive tasks

The use of the SPARC architecture is unique: many current advances from architectures seem most promising, especially in the case of ARM . However, this project OpenSparc decided based on the design, which in turn is a modified version of OpenSparc T1 processor Oracle.

The developers of the chip have used a topology matrix (‘ mesh ‘) 5×5 cores, each of which operating at 1 GHz. This is one of the latest projects in the field of Open Source processors, but is especially interesting for the scalability that also appears when you need to share the DRAM memory or storage available.

A small router in each core enables all of them to communicate easily, and that makes this design one of the most interesting in the field Open Source. Princeton University point out that with 460 million transistors Piton is the CPU developed in academic environments with more transistors worldwide.

There is still far from the nearly 8,000 million with the most powerful processors from Intel or NVIDIA, but their manufacturing processes , with integration technologies nm- 14 and 16 are also more advanced than the one used by these researchers, who have made using a scale of 32nm.

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