This beautiful wooden arcade retro shows that can also have an exquisite design

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What Retro is fashionable to test we have Nintendo with the upcoming release of its Mini NES, which in this large market of manufacturers offering calls will add retro consoles complete with accessories that bring us all that past glory our days, without counting the large number of maker projects that exist for the use of emulators.

Today we have a first approach to something that will be soon released, a creation of the company 8Bitdo, famous for the manufacture of retro Bluetooth controls, consisting of a beautiful arcade machine carved wood, an object that will surely captivate the most demanding gamer.

this-beautiful-wooden-arcade-retro-shows-that-can-also-have-an-exquisite-designJoy 8Bitdo Desktop Arcade Stick

8Bitdo surprised a few days ago attendees Gamescom because his booth could see a kind of arcade with a strange design in wood, arcade that no information is had, which caused in some forums, will begin to spread the word.

And a few days ago 8Bitdo wanted to feed the hype posting on its Facebook page the first official pictures of which is known so far as the ‘Desktop Arcade Joy Stick’, an arcade machine that stands out for its design and integrates its own screen and arcade – style joystick.

According to the comments of the company, the machine showed at Gamescom is just a prototype and not yet the final characteristics of their lists, only wanted to show the design that had developed and which is the calling card of this machine.8Bitdo says that this ‘Desktop Arcade Joy Stick’ will go on sale in the near future and in the coming weeks will be announced all technical specifications.

While that happens we just have to admire what they have achieved with this arcade desktop, which we imagine that its price will be nothing cheap.

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