Sony will exit the PC business, confirmed the sale of the division VAIO

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First introduced as a possibility, then related to the sale to Lenovo, Sony finally confirmed that it will divest its PC division. It is a first step in a new restructuring of the company, affecting employees and other divisions.

The VAIO division will be transferred to Japan Industrial Partners (JIP) – an investment fund in the country – so Sony will stop designing and planning new equipment this spring. The buyer looks to focus on the use of the mark in Japan, at least initially, and unrelated to Sony.

TechnologyComputers are not profitable, the priority is on mobile devices although the announcement has been made today, and they estimate that the sale will close in late April or May. JIP will be left with at least 250 employees in the division, and Sony will invest to keep 5% of the new company.

Do not give financial details of the transaction, but reason to stop creating computers. According to Sony, it is difficult to adjust and become profitable with the drastic changes taking place in the PC industry. The optimal solution is to focus on mobile devices like phones and tablets.

As far as we know, we can say goodbye to the legendary Vaio computers. Born in 1996, and reference for years in design, miniaturization and premiere of new technologies – Steve Jobs weighed in as well – they are now a new victim of complicated PC market.

Stopping at economic performance, there have been losses of 1.100 million, taking into account the different divisions. The situation will affect employees very significantly, as it will lay off 5,000 of them before the end of the fiscal year in March (1,500 employees are residents of Japan, 3500 internationally).

High-end TVs, a new company
Following the reorganization of the company – with overall losses in 2013 – the restructuring will continue in the department dedicated to televisions that prioritize high-end models, which can be marked differences from competitors.

Sony tells us that now is a leader in the burgeoning market for UHD, 4K TVs or as we like to call. Despite Dig Koreans consider important bet to improve this position. Also want to move at the other end, in emerging markets, where the company wants to launch TVs tailored to specific needs.

The first step involves creating a separate company – belonging to the group – for these operations, which will be operational in July 2014. They estimate that next year I get to be profitable with TVs.

Much better we can talk about the darling of Sony’s PlayStation division, with which they have managed to sell 4.2 million of the new console and almost ten million games in two months. Sales have increased over the previous year by 64.6%. They also highlight the arrival of many new users to PlayStation Plus.

Not too many details of the mobile division, another current and future Sony column. We have revenues increased by 44.8% over the previous year. They are very positive data, we expect to be accompanied by many phones sold, but it is difficult to understand the real values of the figure are provided since operations including VAIO.


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