Sony SmartEyeglass, Augmented Reality glasses with binocular vision

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Not everything will be mobile in Mobile World Congress , Sony has taken the event calls SmartEyeglass glasses, which are in conceptual stage, but help us understand that Google Glass will have competition from the major manufacturers.

As would not be otherwise, the idea is again based on Augmented Reality, representing additional information about the scene you’re viewing. The system has already been shown in the past CES in Las Vegas, and will now teach us how evolution.

Sony invites us to think that we are watching a football game and the glasses show the names of the players. Another application, get to an airport and the glasses give us the corresponding directions to our destination. But the best thing is to see it in the video that have been prepared:

The glasses do not represent the thinking of an eye information, but is ignored binocular vision, both eyes to interpret the information together. For now only represents monochrome graphics, green, and the maximum brightness is achieved 1000cd/m2.

Unlike the proposal for Google, Sony glasses have a small computer that stays connected cable from it the user interface and camera (also battery) is controlled. Logically this looks disappearing into a final product, becoming a mobile device which controls the situation, without cables.

In fact the glasses go well served in connectivity, WiFi or Bluetooth generation. No missing motion sensors and positioning, as the accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, and ambient light sensor. There is also camera and microphone.

At this stage, the glasses can be fellow shipping with Android smartphones, which send notifications directly to our eyes. Sony is working on development tools for third parties, with the intention of having productive applications at the moment is a real product.


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