Sony LED Light Bulb, LED bulb Bluetooth speaker with good but expensive

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Sony LED Light Bulb Speaker is a bulb that will love those who just can not do without music…

The idea of Sony is not new in the market, but it is not usual – it must be said – to see a light bulb LED work with built-in Bluetooth speaker, the solution was clearly designed for those who would like to have your music played on hand; in fact, the operation of this light bulb with speaker is very simple, because it is based almost entirely on a Bluetooth connection.

gadgetWith a few clicks, it will be possible to send the music to the LED Light Bulb Speaker, of course with appropriate devices. The system cannot only choose the music (by phone), but also to adjust the volume and, finally, lower or raise backlight brightness, associated with the smartphone using NFC connectivity. Sony believes that the solution will be perfect for environments that do not allow for easy installation of audio systems: in short, seems to believe in this particular project.

Sony LED Light Bulb, a price that disappoints

Too bad for the price, which, however, is nothing compared to stereo systems and solutions to the market in general the music industry, Sony LED Light Bulb coast. At the time, the bulbs will come out on the Japanese market as of May 23, if they were to succeed there, surely Sony will take a little time to bring them into the world market. We will keep you posted.


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