Sonos Controller app, simple and refined music management environments

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Sonos introduces the new version of the app Sonos Controller, which brings with it several refinements and advanced functionality, for listening experience easier and more enjoyable.

Sonos offers a popular experience in the field of speaker Wireless music for home, which offers a satisfactory range of interpretations, ready to adhere to the more specific needs of customers, cuddled with proposals for wide appeal.

TechNow the company of Santa Barbara (California)-founded in 2002 by John MacFarlane, Craig Shelburne, Tom Cullen and Trung Mai-launches new step of Sonos Controller app, now available in Beta Testing for users Android, but soon for customers of other smartphone and tablet.

Simplicity on the bridge

This is not a simple make-up, but a result of a development-oriented solution to the usability, to give users a canvas to use more agile and refined. The three modules of the app allow you to move easily between the music playing, the room in which it offers and how to search the next track, optimizing time and energy.

It can be said that the philosophy of the family was respected, because Sonos is always the goal of the quest for simplicity in the context of a musical experience involving, who knows how to best stimulate the emotional strings of the users.

Versatile use

Here the technology is not embarrassed, for easy management, made possible a simplified interface, nice to see and grooming. So it becomes fluid, in all sizes, the experience of listening to the music the way you want, even at the “space”. The integration of all services into a single stream facilitates the result, making the rapid selection of favorite songs and the executive contest.

For example, if you want to find a specific artist, Sonos Controller starts a specific search of the musician in all of the music services simultaneously. This means that the user is able to play on Pandora radio station dedicated to that artist, look for his album on Spotify, listen to one of the last songs via Hype Machine and much more, for complete freedom of choice.

It is a modular, comfortable and refined, which adheres to the domestic needs, even more users, offering them the best experience of sensory enjoyment of the seven notes and their charm (each with its own library wireless), giving the heart the perspective of beauty, in this case together with the technology.


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