Smartwatch Google, technical specifications on the net here all the rumors on the clock

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New arrive smartwatch interesting rumor on Google

The rumors about the technical specifications of the alleged smartwatch I have never been as numerous as those circulating on Google Glass and it is for this reason that the leaked information now are really interesting, even in the face of the importance of the wearable devices are taking in this year full of changes.

SmartwatchTo give information about Google smartwatch was Evleaks, vital source of latest technologies in the world because so far got it almost all the rumors that he put in the network: to be precise, on Twitter there has been talk of an IPS LCD screen with a diagonal of 1.65 inches and resolution 280 × 280 pixel, 512-megabyte memory and storage internal 4-gigabyte, nothing has been said, however, processor and battery, which, however, should provide a pretty long. Needless to say that the operating system will be Android, although modified and adapted to the wearable device.

Google can not be late

The fact that Google wants to bet on a smartwatch – which should be produced by LG – should not surprise you, we talked about it before: the market for smart watches seems to be the one which will focus on all the companies in 2014 – Apple is preparing its iWatch , Samsung has launched the Galaxy and Galaxy Gear Gear 2 -; arrive late, if there were to be a boom , it would be a mistake hardly forgivable, given that Google has already had an obvious failure with Google Plus ( as admitted by Eric Schmidt ).

At present, the technical specifications of the smartwatch we like, we need to see, however, what features will be provided and how it will behave in relation to your smartphone or tablet to turn. What do you expect from Google?


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