Smart Phone revolution

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The rise of the smart phone has seen the market as we know change completely. In the space of ten years the mobile revolution has changed the way we shop, eat, watch and even bet. So which market sectors have ridden on the coattails of the smart phone meteoric rise?

The Gaming industry

Mobile betting is undeniably popular. Last year the Guardian released an article about the popularity of the betting apps in the UK. They discovered that of the 8.65m active iPhone users in the UK 4.3%, or 372k, of users had a sports betting app, if you factor in Android users as well that figure is even higher.

Mike Babcock

   by  Mike Babcock 

Betting and mobile casinos have seen more exponential growth in the past five years than they had in the 20 previous. Smart phones now allow people to gamble from just about anywhere and due to the instantaneousness of mobile betting it has also given rise to the hugely popular in-play betting market.

It is more than fair to say that smart phones have revolutionised the betting industry and have modernised it in such a way that would have been an utopian ideal just 15 years ago.


[ ] Vid about rise of Just Eat and online takeaway

The takeaway industry in the UK is valued at £30billion whilst Danish company Just Eat is valued at a mouth-watering £1billion. If it were not for smart phones the industry would most definitely be in the descent rather than the ascent that it currently finds itself in.

Again it is a case of ease and with Just Eat it also removes the need to have to speak to people. It may sound a trivial point but if you were to ask 100 people would they rather ring or use the app, the majority would be in favour of not having to converse because people do not like talking over the phone.

It seems ludicrous but the smart phone has seen an overhaul in the fast food industry as well as supermarkets – companies like Ocado are solely found online – and much like the betting industry the game has changed more in the last 10 years than it had done in the umpteenth amount beforehand.



by  topgold 

Twitter has grown into a $24billion company since being founded in 2006. The first iPhone was released in 2007. In direct correlation to the iPhone sales were the active Twitter users, they currently have 255 million active users, of which, 78% use Twitter via the medium of mobile. Simply without iPhone and then Android, Twitter would have been dead in the water.

Have you tried Twitter solely on your laptop? You won’t find it overly impressive. It’s not just Twitter though, Instagram was bought by Facebook for $1billion, while the founder of Snapchat turned down a $3billion offer from Facebook and a $4billion offer from Google. It is startling that the advent of one phone can create so much wealth.

Apple and Android have been good for business. Alongside other Silicon Valley based companies like Google and Facebook they have brought about a technological revolution, which we are all loving.


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