Skylock, padlock “smart” that protects your bike and give the alarm in case of accident

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Here’s what you need to know about Skylock, smart lock that ensures safety, security and intervention in case of accident

Do not you also find that this Skylock is something terrific? This is not yet a project fell through, but – if the initiative crowfunding should have the support of many signatories – you can be sure that not a few cyclists, and not only that, it would benefit. Let’s see what’s on offer this padlock smart, and most importantly, at what price.

GadgetThe idea was born of Velo Labs, which described in detail the lock in question: Skylock was built according to military standards, and it is for this that offers maximum strength and durability; characteristics to which are added the Wi-Fi connectivity and Bluetooth that obviously needed to allow the device to communicate seamlessly with smartphones and tablets associated with it. We should not even worry about energy, since the power is supplied via an integrated solar panel, so that almost completely eliminates the need to frequently recharge the device.

The lock works in a very particular way: it can be turned on or off via smartphones or automatically, since the motion sensors make him understand when the owner is away, and approaches; if not there should be the smartphone, then, a combination to be entered via the capacitive buttons will allow you to manually open it (this is the classic case, in short, the smartphone exhaust).

Security alert after accident

The pictures of Skylock, the lock smart The pictures of Skylock, the lock smart The pictures of Skylock, the lock smart The pictures of Skylock, the lock smart.

But it is not only this that Skylock surprising : thanks to the aforementioned motion sensors, the lock is unclear whether the holder to move the bike and, if so, sends a notification alarm even on a cell phone. And if you think it’s over, you are mistaken: smartphone and lock can work in harmony in the event of an accident: if the user does not show any movement, Skylock will send an alarm message , in such a way as to draw relief efforts.

At the moment, with $ 139 can be carried out for the first drive: launch Skylock will start in 2015 with the price set at $ 249.


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