Should I Hire Movers?

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There are different reasons why millions of Americans move each year whether it’s schooling, new employment opportunity, retirement, new property or simply to change things up. Moving can be exciting for most people as it is usually a start of something new. However before most people make the move they usually debate whether to hire movers or not. Before making the final verdict it is always good to look at all the factors at hand. 


A good way to weigh your options is to see how much it would cost if you were to do the move yourself versus hiring a moving company. When doing the move yourself you have to calculate the truck rental charge, mileage fees, gas cost and any packaging materials that you will need to use. Also the size of your move will have a strong correlation on the total cost since you may need to take multiple trips or rent the truck for additional time due to a bigger home. Once you calculate how much it will cost you, it is time to shop around with various moving companies to see what are some flat rates offered. In many cases you will save money when moving yourself but if the difference is not large some folks may start to wonder if it is worth the hassle.


Another good way to determine which route to take is to look at the complexity of the move. Not every move will be full of standard items such as boxes and furniture. In some cases people may have to move their piano or antique furniture. When it comes to such items an experienced moving company with all the right tools is highly recommended. In addition to that if you have very high end items that need diligent care you may want to hire a company to package everything properly. Some moves are so large in size that doing it yourself can become a week long project. You may also want to keep in mind that a reputable moving company will be insured, so if any of the items get damaged or lost you may file a claim. This is not an option when you do it yourself.


The one of the main reasons people choose to hire a moving company is the convenience. By hiring a moving company a lot of folks avoid the high stress associated with the move and typically the move takes less time. So if you are the type of person who prefers to spend your time doing something other than moving then hiring a company may be for you.

If you take all the factors into consideration it will be more clear to see which way you should go. For people on a tight budget who need to move boxes and light furniture a do it yourself approach may be the best option. All others would slightly benefit more from having an experienced moving company do the task.


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