SEO Projects

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The SEO projects concept I do not like. Sorry, but that is so last century. That’s not a business and understand how online marketing works. SEO is not a project, are processes that should be part of your online marketing strategy and business. If you are not doing SEO every day of the year, your organization may suffer. The SEO projects are started and finished, and it does not work well: I do not do a few Title, a few meta descriptions, a bit of content, a few links, a few drops! to sleep, we’ve already met. And without measure, all for what? If sure it went well …

SEONo. I do not want SEO projects. I like to get involved in the client’s business, its processes, the benefits it offers to its customers in its differentiation from the competition. How am I going to write valuable content about a product or service that is not recognized in any of the others? The customer value proposition tie to soak the whole strategy of online marketing, and SEO is part of it, especially in regards to SEO content.

Having a content strategy with short and medium term, both traffic and conversion, is paramount. This content strategy should be reviewed regularly and rescheduled. Or do not want to keep selling and positioning well later? Okay and SEO projects, SEO should be an essential part of any organization with an interest in its future.


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