Security Walk Through Metal Detectors

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Technology is changing at an impressive rate and security is a vital requirement in our daily lives. We moved from frisking to using hand held metal detectors then to advanced walk through metal detectors. Walk through metal detectors are automated security doors that are fixed on the entrance of organizations, institutions, prisons, airports and so many other places where increased security is needed. There are a wide range of metal detectors to choose from in the market today. This multivendor interoperability has led to economies of scale and affordable prices of security metal detectors.

How Walk-Through Metal Detectors Are Used

The walk through system is a programmed door that is fully equipped with over 20 detection programs as required by the International Security Standards. They are erected on front doors where people use as entrance. As you pass, the self-diagnostic detectors on the door are able to do a quick and full scan of your body. Any conductive material that generates electromagnetic waves including knives, guns or other firearms will result in automatic going off of the alarm. There are two types of walk through metal detectors:

• The multi zone metal detectors such as the Garrett PD 6500. These units scan and pinpoint the exact location of the metal. It is important to locate the targeted area quickly so that security guards and personnel can respond swiftly. When dealing with large volumes of individual, it is advisable to use the multi zone walk through metal detectors because they offer greater throughput. It also saves on time when you are able to scan more individuals in a short period of time.

• There is also the single zone walk through metal detectors like the Garrett Magnascanner CS 5000. They are made of high quality microprocessors that are able to detect metallic objects. They are also equipped with Digital Signal Processor that eliminates interference associated with video monitors, communication gadgets and x-ray devices thus minimizing false alarm.

It is advisable to have a security metal detector wand that enables accurate location of the target to complement the walk through security door. It notifies you on the metal target by producing an audible beep, vibrating, emitting light or a combination of both.

Importance Of Security Metal Detectors

Insecurity has become widespread all over the world. People get access to unauthorized firearms and can harm us in schools, buses, airports or even in courtrooms and prisons. To prevent and curb the level of insecurity, a mature technology is needed. Walk through metal detectors are able to scan and pinpoint objects that are hidden even underneath the skin. Trained security personnel are supposed to distinguish the type of weapon after it has been detected. Therefore, security metal detectors are needed to increase protection of individuals walking in and out of any building that has high human traffic.

Can you imagine how hectic it would be if we still made long queues and waited for a guard to frisk us? Walk through metal detectors save on time and make work easier. All you have to do is walk past a door. There is no need of a guard inspecting you and making you feel uncomfortable. They are a great deal because they minimize the work of the security personnel.

Some individuals fear metal detectors because of the possibility of magnetic field effects. There is no need to worry because the magnetic field produced is extremely weak and therefore harmless.

Security metal detectors have high discrimination capabilities thus able to distinguish between significant dangerous metals and personal accessories. The embedded Digital Signal Processor offers immunity to x-ray, communication transmitters or any other external interference thus preventing a halt in traffic.

Walk through metal detectors are continuous and self-programmable. There is no scheduled maintenance required once the machine is operational. Therefore, being a fully digital technology, they are easy to use and maintain. Once a suspicious metal is detected, an audio tone or visible target identification light is used to signal security personnel. The system auto diagnoses and continues scanning.

Security metal detectors have fast analyzing speeds of up to 33,000 pulses per second. The digital electromagnetic wave technique enables greater precision when distinguishing a wide range of metals. This leads to high traffic throughput which is the most essential quality of any security gadget.

Security metal detectors are therefore a necessity when it comes to safety.


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