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Everybody has those days where you want to hang out with your friends, but cannot decide on a place to go to because there are so many places cropping up and there is no way of knowing if it’s a good place without visiting it at least once. There are many apps on the market that tell you different places to go to. But how do you know if the place you are going to is good? Presenting, the very up and rising Ask Me app that not only lists you various places according to your search instructions but also features user ratings and reviews so that your experience is made satisfying.

The Smart Way with Ask Me App

What all can you do on Ask Me?

Ask Me is a remarkable app that lists down any kind of place that you search for. For example, if you want to know what kind of businesses are cropping up in a particular area, it lists down the same. Also, as stated above,you can search for places to eat. An example list of what all you can search for on Ask Me is as follows;
• Salons
• Malls
• Boutiques
• Restaurants
• Gaming arenas
• Adventure places etc.
The icing on the cake is that apart from listing just the locations of these places, Ask Me also provides you deals listed by various vendors so that you get the best treatment for your money.

Is it costly?

Considering these amazing deals that Ask Me gets you, one can wonder if Ask Me is a paid app and if it’s really expensive. Let me tell you, Ask Me is a completely free app that allows full usage of its features for no money at all. It is created solely for the gratification of the technology addicted population. Getting this app on your Android devices is pretty easy. Just go to Play Store and download the app. You are good to go now. Watch this pretty cool video featuring RanbirKapoor advertising Ask Me:


• When you open Ask Me you can see a user friendly interface that is quite simple to operate.
• Occupies very little memory, precisely 2.4MB. So you need not worry about it hogging all of your phone memory.
• Instead of using different apps for different tasks, you can download one single app, namely Ask Me for doing all the tasks that many tasks together perform.
• Provides the most authentic and unparalleled deals from various vendors because Ask Me works only for customer gratification.
• Works very well, even if you are not using the most advanced version of Android. It works well even on Gingerbread.


These days, it’s apps like these that make our busy lives easier. Just by a touch, you can easily decide from many options by sitting at the comfort of your own home. There are many apps on the market, but a combination of all these premium apps is Ask Me. Use Ask Me and I can assure you that you will be much happier with it than any other app that claims to do what Ask Me does.


QR code for the app:-

QR code for the app

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