Savelli and Gemfields set up by Scrooge Android Smartphone

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Savelli working with Gemfields, giving birth to a range of luxury smartphone, for a small elite.

The Swiss brand Savelli, developed last year after a series of eleven phones luxury like pieces of jewelery for women in search of excellence, now back on the market of Android smartphones with a prestigious partnership with Gemfields.

SmartphoneTwo variants

The result of the collaboration are two models from the elegant design and premium quality construction, destined to make a sensation in the market segment where they are going to fit. Here are their names: “Emerald Night” and “Emerald Insane.”

Adorned with emeralds, these phones are offered in a limited edition, respectively, at a price of $ 71,000 and $ 244,000. They are found exclusively in the Department of Fine Jewelry department stores Harrods, where they should not struggle to find an outlet.

Only 27 specimens provided in total for the two models, hand-crafted using a mix of emeralds and diamonds, to produce a painting graphics and sparkling precious.

“The core values ​​of our house -says the founder and director Alessandro Savelli- are elegance, beautiful design, femininity and Swiss quality.” Skills, these, who find themselves in the middle of the proposals in the special series which we are dealing.

Looks attractive

The look of both smartphones is similar to that of other models Savelli, but the personality is different, thanks to the specific conjugation of the elements. The Emerald Night is decorated with 400 brilliant-cut emeralds (approx. 3 ct), the body of 18-carat rose gold. Only 19 pieces provided.

Even lower production volume at the Emerald Insane, which will bloom in just 8 units, with frame in 18 carat white gold and decorated with 75 emeralds (approximately 4.5 carats) and 900 diamonds (approximately 12.5 carats).


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