Samsung Gear 2 will be able to make calls, have a new model!

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Samsung Gear 2 will be able to make calls and will be equipped with 3G module here is the first rumor of a possible new model

Samsung Gear 2 will be able to make calls, according to reports from the Korea Herald and unconfirmed – but not denied by Samsung -: This is a rumor that we like, because one of the shortcomings of smart watches lies in the fact that stand alone are worth well little, despite the price at which they are sold. fell Gear 2 full into this category, and it would fall if these rumors prove to be invented from scratch.

SmartwatchWe do not have clear ideas about the projects of the company, but the project is convincing: we are in the presence of a new Samsung Gear 2, then an alternative model to the one we’re used to, which will be equipped with all the features announced at the Mobile World Congress 2014, with the addition of these calls in a stand-alone, i.e. without the smartwatch is connected to some Galaxy smartphones.

Samsung Gear 2, the characteristics of the model

To be precise, Gear 2 v2 should be equipped with a slot that can read the SIM card, and as if that were not enough, even a form of 3G connectivity: short, well-structured, this smartwatch we like a lot and it has nothing to do with the device presented at the Mobile World Congress, so nice to watch but perhaps not very useful, being nothing more than an offshoot of the smartphone or phablet duty.

As far as the release date of Gear 2 v2, SK Telecom has revealed that the smartwatch should arrive first in Korea at a price yet unspecified – but hopefully not too much – and then in all other markets. The acquisitiveness, in the case also came with us?


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