Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with new form factors and designs coming!

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Samsung does mean that Samsung Galaxy Note 4 could bring a breath of fresh air in the world of phablet with a new form factor

There are many who dispute to the fact that its Samsung devices – even Samsung Galaxy Note – are feature-rich and very powerful but equally unoriginal, mainly because of the design, which, among other things, has not changed much over of generations. Perhaps for this reason, the vice president of the Korean Yoon Han-kil, said that the new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 could bring a breath of fresh air in the world Galaxy form factor and design is completely different from what we have seen so far.

SmartphoneHan-kil said no more about the phablet, but by speaking to Reuters seemed convinced that Galaxy S4 can really become one of those devices that can leave a mark. 2 Galaxy Note So far it was the most phablet bought the company, and further data will confirm that undoubtedly well Galaxy Note 3 has been successful : this is because the two are really phablet complete, although expensive, and, of course, belong to a brand – that Samsung – which has managed to establish itself in the best way with consumers.

What’s new for Samsung Galaxy Note 4?

We hope, therefore, that with the new form factor and new design 4 Galaxy Note manage to achieve the same success: at the moment we do not know anything either about the features nor the price, but we doubt it will be very different, at least in this sense, by Samsung Galaxy S5; After all, if you exclude some function related to the nib of which has already been discussed, what more could offer a phablet?


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