Review of the Wedding Party App

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Since smartphones have taken over the world, there seems like there’s been a new app to hit the market for pretty much everything. While at first all these apps seemed to make life a lot easier, it has actually mad things more complicated for some tasks because it can take all day downloading different apps just to find out what works best for the task at hand. On top of that, it can make things even more frustrating when you can’t find an app that works for your needs at all, which until recently was the story with wedding planning apps. Fortunately, after several unsuccessful attempts and dozens of useless apps clouding the app store of your favorite device, a clearly useful wedding app has emerged to make things a little easier.

This new app, called Wedding Party, is the perfect solution to help keep your wedding planning efforts organized and also manage communications between you and your guests. Now keeping track of your shopping lists, guest lists, and sharing real-time updates about your planning progress with friends and loved ones is as simple as a few taps of the screen. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg in regards to what this powerful app can do, so here’s a more detailed rundown of what users can expect from the moment it is installed on their smartphone or tablet.

Creating Guest Lists

One of the key features that the Wedding Party app allows couples to do is create and manage guest lists from the palm of their hand. Not only can you create and manage your wedding guest list, but you can also send invites to your guests so they can RSVP electronically and signup for updates as you decide to release them. Though many couples still choose to send paper invitations to all of their guests, this tool can help you keep your guest list organized and get an instant snapshot of how many guests you can expect to attend your wedding.

Creating Photo Galleries

Though it is traditional to hire a professional wedding photographer to capture your wedding on film, the fact that the vast majority of your guests carry smartphones now means that you can also get great candid shots that they take during the event. Since your wedding photographer can’t be everywhere at once, this great feature allows you to get pictures of your wedding guests using sparklers and point of view shots as the bride throws her bouquet. With a few taps of your screen, you can setup a shared photo gallery where all of your guests can collectively share their photos for everyone to enjoy, plus you can add a gallery of the photos your photographer snapped so everything is available instantly.

Progress Updates

In today’s digital world, many people have their own online journal or blog; and having one for your wedding should be no different. However, your wedding journal is not something you necessarily want to share with the entire world, so the Wedding Party app allows you to create and share your wedding blog with only the people you choose. Simply select people from your guest list that you want to have access to your wedding blog and every time you post an update it will be immediately visible on their smartphones.

Event Scheduling

Though paper invitations may work great for your ceremony and reception, things like bridal showers and rehearsal dinners need to be a little more flexible in their scheduling. Rather than calling or texting every single person on your guests list, you can easily create and share scheduled events through the Wedding Party app in real time. This means that you can create new events and invite some or all of your guests to attend, plus you can change the date and time of existing events is your schedule changes.

Finally, all the features you need are in the palm of your hand and keeping everyone in the loop about your wedding has never been easier. Best of all, the Wedding Party app is free and available for both iOS and Android devices, so everyone with a smartphone or tablet can join in on the fun.


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