R-Bat helicopter drone for complex missions

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The drones are gradually gaining space in the web technology, playing on their special skills, which make them suitable for different scenarios.

Northrop Grumman and Yamaha Motor USA have collaborated to develop a helicopter drone, pointing them to perform various tasks in the public interest, even in complex scenarios and almost prohibitive.

TechThe new unmanned aircraft, which interprets the theme in unedited form remotely piloted aircraft, was baptized Rotary Bat (R-Bat). In it are applied to the most recent technologies of autonomous control and information gathering in urban environments with regard to search and rescue, control of energy lines and monitoring of forest fires.

It is a real gem, compact in size, although higher than those of the classic commercial drones, which opens to more functionality, for purposes other than those already stratified. In dealing drones we have seen how often they are used to shoot video emotional documentaries and stuff like that.

They are sometimes used as well to serve champagne on the terraces of the more expensive suites of luxury hotels, sometimes even to play the music, but with purpose only representative of the wide range of potential missions reliable in similar gadgets of the modern era.

Now open up new options on the horizon, more specialized but very useful, with Rotary-Bat, suitable to expand the fleet of unmanned aircraft used for intelligence, environmental protection, rescue, reconnaissance medium-range even in agriculture.


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