Prometheus Power Pot 10 charging for tablets and smartphones

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Today we have the opportunity to supply the technological gadgets in every moment of the day you need a very experienced, for the high energy consumption associated with a thousand functions and applications.

Prometheus PowerPot 10 is an original device for charging smartphones, tablets and various mobile gadgets. We all know how these devices have become important in everyday life. Drains them is a handicap that weighs heavily, depriving their capabilities, now entered fully into the range of natural behaviors.

GadgetFortunately, various solutions are meeting those who do not want to be dry, with no possibility of supply. One of the options to reshape the battery when this has dried, it is the system which we are concerned, for those who work in the country or other outdoor environments.

The Prometheus PowerPot 10 is a pan that can be used to heat water or cook food when you go camping in the woods. The object is also equipped with a thermoelectric generator which produces energy from the heat coming from the fire. This is is converted to charge devices via USB.

Two available ports, to power a pair of gadgets simultaneously. As refueling operation can be performed in a contextual way to the kitchen, while it warms the water or when preparing food.

Shaped anodized aluminum, the pot is equipped with a power meter in real time. The Prometheus PowerPot 10 is available from ThinkGeek.


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