Press ‘F2’ and ran spies: HP implements active filters on the screens of their new laptops

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If it bothers others take a look at the screen of your laptop, there are different solutions, the best known may be the filters that are placed to subtract viewing angles. HP has thought of something, but directly integrated into their laptops, with the ability to connect and disconnect function.

To this they have given the name of screens Sure View and technology comes courtesy of 3M. No more press F2 and the display slightly changes its appearance for which is looking directly, but darkens significantly for those snoops we have at our sides.

press-f2-and-ran-spies-hp-implements-active-filters-on-the-screens-of-their-new-laptopsThe “private” viewing option is offered by HP in two of its new notebooks, the EliteBook 1040 and 840. The fact lose some intensity to the user of the laptop is not something that makes me laugh, but I understand that the system is justified for many people.

Okay, this already existed, you could buy and place where we needed it, but it is not the same as 3M and HP working on integrating in teams, making the filter is always with us, without being lost or damaged. Integrating they have made the loss of quality or brightness is minimal and that the battery is less when we connect the call privately.

On the downside of this technology we need only works with TN panels, which are the most affordable on the market, and therefore associated with portable mid-range or low. It is seen not place IPS panels with better colors and viewing angles, but they are planning to take the idea to desktop monitors.

The first portable HP Sure View be launched in September. The top model – 1040 – stands out for its Full HD resolution and the fact that tactile. Yes, Sure View does not preclude create touch screens when placed in an intermediate layer.

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