Predicting the Future What is ahead in Technology Development

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New developments in technology and science presents some challenges and career opportunities. Some areas to note in research development are:

  • Viral Defense Here is an opportunity to get a job as a Toxicologist to handle a potential threat of a biovirus or become a computer security specialist to help with a computer virus designed to stop the internet. Jonathan Tucker’s book, Toxic Terror talks about these very issues.
  • Alternative Energy Vehicles Fuel Cell, Electric, Solar and Gas-powered engines will offer solutions to improving the environment. Institute of Transportation Studies talk about how cars, trucks and buses pollute, the answer being non-polluting vehicles.

  • Mass Customization Computer technology is enabling companies to create customized products, from computers to suit, customized greeting cards, custom music CD’s, one of a kind Barbie Dolls, modularized custom designed homes, customized clothing, college textbooks, furniture, and window treatments.
  • Home Schooling with a greater selection of online courses, homeschooling growth rate will accelerate. Career opportunity will be teaching parents, in a small-group tutoring session about Math and Science subjects so that they will be better equiped to teach their children these subjects at home. Provide your tutoring services in person, by phone, via Internet instant messaging or create activities that bring homeschooling together through sports activities, music or field trips.
  • Convergence All media, TV, Internet, Stereo, VCR, Computer will be reduced to one machine enabling everyone to interact with all types of information and entertainment at one time. Time Magazine: states that all content – movies, music, shows, books, data, magazines, recipes and home videos will be instantly available anywhere on demand.

  • Virtual Reality Computer simulations is being used in education, entertainment, space, environment and architectural building construction. Options for the application of Virtual Reality simulation is limitless placing the individual in any virtual setting they choose.
  • Artificial Intelligence Software programs diagnose medical problems, help calculate your taxes, design landscape modules. Artificial Intelligence helps Mutual Fund managers decide which stock to buy, Corporations use it to know how to market a product, in the future viral Lawyers may be able to tell you what law and regulations to apply. In his book Age of Spiritual Machines Ray Kurzweil talks about the possibilities of the thinking Robot. More information can be found at American Association of Artificial Intelligence.
  • Nanotechnology is the ability to manipulate, molecule by molecule enabling the creation of molecule-sized machines with applications of possibly haveing cleansers that can remove any stain, insulation that can keep homes at a constant temperature and true medical miracles. The U.S. Government funded a $500 million nanotechnology initiative.
  • Anti-Aging Research Scientist are studying ways to slow down the aging process, by unlocking what actually causes aging, by examining certain enzymes, shortened telomeres and the appendages to DNA molecules. Scientists at Life Span Bio-sciences have identified four genes whose expression is highly correlated with aging. If turning off these genes inhibit aging then the publics demand for life extension practice will require more physicians and healthcare providers who specialize in anti-aging practice.
  • Biometrics Includes the study of methods used for recognizing humans based on physical or behavioral traits like; Speaker Recognition, Face Recognition, Dynamic Signature, Fingerprint Recognition, Hand Geometry, Iris Recognition, Palm print Recognition and Vascular Pattern Recognition to find out more of these various identity verification tools go to:
  • Gene Therapy Science advancement will allow Gene Therapists to alter genes to prevent and cure diseases. Biotech companies are developing genomics and proteomics (study of how genes function), cloning (of organs to be transplanted or stem cells into organs) and egg selection (which allow woman to have her eggs tested to pick genes that are not defective). A degree in Molecular Biology will get you involved in these medical advances.

Preparation is necessary in order to be ready when opportunities present themselves in various fields of technology. Be aware of what is happening around you and look for ways to apply them to your particular interests in order to capitalize on the benefits they will bring in your life.


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