Phablet Motorola in the third quarter of 2014

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The Motorola phablet you are talking insistently could come out in the third quarter of 2014

The Motorola phablet of which we speak has never been confirmed by the company and could also be the result of blatant hoaxes, because so far the company has not released smartphone particularly large (remember that the only one who had arrived at the 4.3-inch Droid X) and that the current situation that is does not suggest immediate release: you know that Motorola was first purchased by Google, and then be sold to Lenovo, a company with an identity clearly different from the Mountain View giant.

GadgetWe do not know much about phablet short, although today, the rumors that have circulated some time ago, have been joined on the release date, they speak, as the title suggests, the penultimate three months, then in the third quarter of 2014 , and a medium-high-end device that could be sold at an affordable price; style Motorola Therefore, though we doubt that all these rumors are confirmed: emerged a few times in the network and, most importantly, is the phablet still too shrouded in mystery to believe everything.

The phablet of hope

Motorola Xplay is a little smartphone hope, concedetecelo, because it would, in the event that came out during the period of which we speak, the first phone that Motorola would release under the control of Lenovo, you will hear a lot if you think that the presence of buyer, then you need not fear (because Lenovo is not just that it is the last of the enterprises, …): the company has confirmed that its influence will be felt only on Motorola in the coming years and not immediately.


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