People you have to talk to before buying a home

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With the boom in the real estate market of Kolkata, flats in Kolkata are being sought after by many investors and buyers. People who live there are making sure that they own a flat as they would want to own a property in that developing city.

Kolkata sure caught up late on development, but it is not far behind. The prices do not match up to the others major cities in the country and there is a growing potential and scope for the city. The real estate developers are looking to renovate the city with modern approaches to construction. But before you actually take the plunge and buy one of the flats in Kolkata, you need to make sure that you talk to a few people. They are:

–        Your boss:

Make sure that your work does not take you to another city and you cannot live in the house that you buy. You will have to come to an understanding with him/her that you are not willing to move cities anytime soon and you would like to stay in Kolkata itself.

–        Your Family:

You might need to understand that the family will have to move and relocate with you when you buy a home. It is true that the flats in Kolkata are highly attractive and you do not want to miss a chance at owning them, but do see what your family wants.

It is also important to understand the distance of the new home from everybody’s workplace. You do not want to make your dad travel too much to get to work and tire himself out. Another part of checking with your family is checking the health of the different members of the family. Some people even go for complete medical check-ups just to be sure that they will not have to spend a lot of money on treatments after buying the house.

If you are a person with limited means, then make sure you check for all the things above.

–        Your real estate agent:

Here is another person who will give you some good advice when it comes to buying a house. Starting from where you need to buy the house and to how much you should pay, do consult the real estate agent for the same.

You will have to make sure that you find an agent who will keep all your data confidential and also get you good deals. He needs to understand your requirements and also be able to give you full attention. You need to find a trustworthy agent who treats you like a friends and is also reasonably priced.

–        Your friends:

You never know which of your friends turns out to be a real estate enthusiast. You need to talk to them before you buy a house and they might be able to guide and assist you in different ways. You can count on friends in different areas to be of help, they will have a basic idea about the prices of their locality and also the scope of appreciation.

–        Neighbors of the new house:

When you look at flats in Kolkata you will have to make sure that you get in touch with the neighbors so that you can gain a brief idea and understanding about the lifestyle of the locality and the society that you are looking at.

You can gain a lot of information just in a brief conversation with the neighbors and also know them before you actually move into the place.


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