Panasonic Viera presented a new range of LED TV, HD and 4K

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Panasonic announces the arrival of the new lineup of Viera TVs which has nine new models with LED displays with Full HD or 4K.

The Japanese manufacturer Panasonic has introduced a new menu of fresh audio/video devices dedicated to home entertaining. Among the Hi-Fi systems, the Soundbar and the media player, find the Viera TV range which has nine new models with screens Full HD or 4K, broken down by price range and capacity.

TechEntry Level

The low-end models will be part of the series Series AS600/520/500/400. These are LCD TVs with LED backlight technology that rely on BLB (Back Light Blinking) 100Hz to deliver crisp images and fluid.

The model AS600 interface makes use My Stream that will provide content according to the preferences of different users as AS520 and AS500 will allow you to customize the startup screen co My Home Screen . All three will be supported also in Wi-Fi connectivity and DLNA for the use of content while the model AS400 will not have this kind of features.

The main features of the models, which will be available in May, are as follows:

Full HD LED TV with 100Hz BLB and Dual Core CPU – My Stream – Internet Apps – Voice Assistant

AS500 and AS520 – sizes 32 “, 39” (AS500 only), 42 “and 50” (Models 32 “and 24” HD ready only)
Full HD LED TV-My Home Screen – Internet App – Swipe & Share

A400 – sizes 32 “and 39”
Full HD LED TV (Model 32 “HD only) – Media Player – High Contrast – V-Audio

Mid Range

The average price range includes three models in the series AS750/740/650 that constitutes the core of Viera. They feature a stylish design and are counting on Direct LED backlight, dual-core processor plus and function Backlight Scanning Intelligent Frame Creation Pro (BLS IFC) to 1200 Hz.

The management interface, as in the previous case, is assigned to the system and to the Home screen My Voice Assistant while thanks to the app Panasonic TV Remote 2 will be able to share content from your TV remote to tablet devices via the cloud. The model AS750 comes with dual synthesizer that allows you to receive HD signals via cable, satellite or digital with no need for an additional receiver.

Again we find connectivity Wi-Fi and DLNA, and with the model AS740 , thanks to the camera, you can make video calls. Availability is scheduled for May.

High End

At the top of the range is the TV and 4K AX800 AS800 FHD, the first with a glossy black chassis with 50-inch and 65 the second with a titanium base with nice design.

Panasonic course emphasizes the qualities of the model AX800 comes with quality Ultra HD 4K (3,840 x 2,160) and a processor Hexa Processing Engine PRO able to ensure good image quality.

On this model there is also backlit Back Light Scanning (BLS) to 2000Hz , 4K Intelligent Frame Creation processor and high-end technology Local Dimming PRO , while connectivity is provided by Wi-Fi, DLNA, HD Twin Tuner and HDMI 2.0.

These two models will be available on the market from May.


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