Office for iPad announced March 27! Microsoft closer to release

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Microsoft Office for iPad might be presented to the world on March 27.

Office for iPad will certainly be a desire for fans of the bitten apple, as, despite the alternatives today, it is difficult to replace: the package is also perfect for professionals and, if Microsoft had not waited all this time , would not have lost plenty of examples potential earnings (analysts have recently returned on the subject and have even pointed out that if the company does not respond immediately, you may not be able to recover).

AppsThe moment seems to come, even if confirmation is not from the company but from Reuters: the site is about, in fact, an event scheduled for March 27, which will take part in its Satya Nadella, CEO of Redmond replaced Steve Ballmer and received with great enthusiasm by the companies with which Microsoft usually works . Needless to say that the 27 may not match the exact date – after all, there is always the Build year to watch – even if Reuters is anything but a source unreliable.

The event on March 27 and available programs

The event on March 27, “focuses on the intersection between cloud and mobile computing”, it should be a witness to the presentation of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and One Note ( which has recently experienced a new and more comprehensive version ), but not all of the rest of the programs in the suite (Access is missing, for example, but not only). It is also said that iPad owners will have to have an account with Microsoft Office 365 license to use the package, since the license was precisely designed to allow users to install software on PCs, Macs and tablets.

The competition for Microsoft Office is strong, but we are confident that, with the right moves, the Redmond company will be able to conquer the podium with ease.


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