Nokia X: what is and is not Android!

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First they said I was a Asha but then there were indications that this would be Android. A Nokia Android phone is a concept that conflicts with the interests of Microsoft, a few months ago the owner of Nokia. What will happen to Windows Phone? What’s special about the new Android Nokia X?

MobileBecause yes, we have a special very different version of the Android provided by Google and we know the classics Android terminals. Microsoft-Nokia have changed substantially in many ways, something we can check glancing at the interface and studying applications behind. Which is what really can offer the operating system of the Nokia X?

Without Google, with Microsoft

In the presentation this morning, Nokia made it clear that this is an Android phone that can run without any problem all existing applications for the Google platform. That’s in theory.

Nokia X is a ‘fork’ of Android (specifically for version 4.1.2), a practice that has considered in recent months taking advantage of the AOSP and is not new. Similar to Amazon and do it with some success in their products, offering his own independent app store official Google Play Store, which we’re releasing is not available on Nokia X.

So basically Nokia X is an Android without Google and a very pronounced layer customization. As expected, Nokia will replace Google services such as Gmail, Google Maps, and Google Chrome etc. Drive by Microsoft themselves and theirs.’s Nokia X exploit the potential of Android but the focus to be used for services Microsoft and Nokia offer in the market, and already present in Windows Phone.

Thinking about an Android device you will also be eye-catching interface: Microsoft has changed significantly, to the point that has much in common with that of Windows Phone. They reveal a kind of square tiles with a very distinctive design and Microsoft in recent years, which is not surprising. It would be logical that allowed an appearance to remind us Android, the same way that Google could not leave the default applications.

Accessing Applications: Nokia has its own shop

Like Amazon and its App Store, like Google and Play Store. Microsoft-Nokia also have their own app store for Android, the catalog will be fully functioning and independent of other possibilities.

With this movement seek to generate their own income and, in turn, wrest them from Google. If we look at what makes Amazon is also possible to seek new forms of distribution and promotion, such as free apps (Amazon gives one a day at no cost) or special and exclusive discounts.

Microsoft-Nokia default will store all your Nokia X, and even the ability to install Google Play Services discarded itself may be used other shops (the best known is the own Amazon App Store above, although there is some alternative) and even install applications manually with the .apk : any Android app will be compatible.

Nokia has confirmed that some applications will come factory installed (not just the typical services of a smartphone as a browser, email and others, also games like Plants vs. Zombies 2 ) and understand that the ‘Store’ of the Nokia X provide an amount wide enough to remind apps to Android, not Windows Phone.

Which leaves the system of Nokia X

One of the reasons why Nokia – and therefore Microsoft – have launched a family of Android phones is the amount of apps available for the Google system. We are facing a ‘fork’ of Android that allow you to manage a library of apps well above that of Windows Phone. Support native and therefore should not have problems regarding the compatibility of the apps. Nor should we forget that the code of much of Android is free, and therefore Microsoft has found it much cheaper to develop an alternative option from scratch.


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