Must Have for Various Types of Android Gamers

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Gaming has become an important industry in the mobile apps industry. Some can argue that games are actually the dominant category when it comes to apps. What we can all agree about though is that games comprise a major chunk in the development of apps for Android. Android games range from the casual games such as the free bingo apps at to the more graphic intensive 3D games. Undoubtedly, any Android device would be incomplete without a game installed in it. But with the numerous games available in the Google Play Store today, one can be overwhelmed and may not be able to get the best ones. 

Google Play Store

Google Play Store

Looking for a great game in the Play Store is not like finding a needle in the haystack; that is, if you know how to look. Just as there are entertaining and fun games in Android, there are also bad games that can range from frustrating to ridiculously bad to just plain spam. Such event is natural in an environment where there are plenty of suppliers (which in this case is developers and game studios) for a very marketable product. In this short article, we will take a look at some of the must have Android games to get you started in the world of mobile gaming.

Recommended for Casual Gamers: Plants vs. Zombies 1 & 2

This tower defense game franchise originally developed by PopCap Games, which was eventually acquired by EA, is one of the early success stories of mobile gaming. The objective of the game is simple: You have to defend your home from zombies using the various plants available (from pea-shooting plants to sunflower producing suns). The game is simple, yet requires a good set of strategizing skills. Aside from the great plot and gameplay, the game also features fun graphics and game characters.

Recommended for FPS (First Person Shooter) gamers: Dead Trigger

Fans of the zombie genre and FPS games will surely love Dead Trigger. Players need to complete the different sets of mission, which is almost all about shooting zombies on the head, to be able to unlock the next campaign. This zombie apocalypse-inspired game has great graphics and smooth game play. The controls are better than most mobile FPS so it’s not really surprising that this game was a huge success during its release.

Recommended for RTS/RPG/MMORPG players: Hello Hero

Great graphics, check. Adorable and awesome characters, check. Cool character moves and skills, check. Hello Hero is a relatively new game that MMORPG fans will surely love. This is one of the strategy games that you’ll enjoy: Plenty of heroes with different set of skills and moves. just like the traditional MMORPG played in PCs. Players do not need to stress themselves of tapping multiple virtual buttons and arrow pad to control the game characters. The party of heroes moves automatically and players just need to choose which skill they want to use.  

Recommended for fans of sports games: FIFA 14 

EA Sports’ FIFA 14 is one of the best sports games available in the Play Store. Also released in PlayStation and Xbox, the game features teams from the different leagues in the world such as the Premier League, La Liga and Bundesliga. It also allows players to play in Manager mode, Tournament, Kick Off and more. It also has an Ultimate Mode which will enables you to create and manage your own team.


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