Motorola Moto 360 announced: one smartwatch beautiful with lots of features

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It’s called Motorola Moto 360 and is one smartwatch as beautiful as performing.

It’s called Motorola Moto 360 and is the company’s new smartwatch, a clever clock that fully exploits the potential of Android Wear, version of Green Robottino developed for wearable devices, and that the international press has welcomed in a positive way: what affects the smartwatch, in fact, it is mainly cosmetic, that avoids the square and rectangular shapes, in favor of more classic version, it is, in fact, a circular smartwatch that has a design very elegant (as if that were not enough, the designer Jim Wicks has suggested that the straps are customizable and that in the future many features depend on them).

GadgetMotorola Moto 360 allow you to check e-mail, phone calls, appointments, post posted on social networking sites and will also respond to voice commands: in short, anything that different from smartwatch know, even if the designer pointed out that, during the work, the team has thought mainly to the core functionality of a clock, which is to show the time and all the activities related to this (upcoming appointments, for example, events and more).

“When I sit here and watch my orolgio – these are the words of Wicks – I’ll watch the time […]. Until there is something more important for me to see.”

Maximum customization and advanced features

It starts from the basic function, in other words, to get to the more advanced: the path designed to keep the watch is just that, in all styles with which they present, Motorola has announced that the models will be different and that, if initially the release materializes in the U.S., then it will smartwatch in all other markets.

The designer also explained that, although it took a lot to get to the final model, we will see more of the beautiful in the future, because it will be guaranteed maximum customization through the strap and not only that: we just have to wait for the price and news tab technique to get the full picture of Motorola Moto 360. For the moment, what do you think?


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