Mobile Tracking Software – Never Miss Out On Your Employee’s or Child’s Location, No Matter What!

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If you are a responsible parent or a vigilant employer who has provided cell phone to workers or children, you better watch out!

Teens will always be teens and you always need to have keen watch on their ins and outs to keep them at bay all the time. Being parents, we have to set very strong and sturdy rules for our children or they won’t be having any structure in their lives. As for employees a strict surveillance on them is a compulsion and this is why mobile tracker software comes in handy to keep both of these entities under close watch!

snoopra cell phone tracking

Why Envisage Scenarios When You Have a Tool To See It Over?

Ever doubted what your kids are doing on their smartphones 24/7? So busy that they don’t have time for you? How exasperating it gets when you can’t get to see their activities and when you try hard, they snap their mobile phone shut in seconds. Now being a parent there are plenty of atrocious and detestable thoughts which can cloud your mind. They might be involved in disapproving activities, or getting bullied; they might be watching porn or have gotten wrongfully involved with a complete stranger. The possibilities are endless and you have no clue whatsoever!

You need something extravagant to monitor your kid’s activities and not just tracking their location. There are plenty of cell phone tracking apps you can find online but I can narrow down the options for you by spotting just one elite mobile tracker software, and that is Snoopra!

A Unique Style For Snooping!

Snoopra is one such app which seems to understand the user’s mind.  It is manufactured in a way which makes it all user-friendly and easy-going. Its installation is easy, its working is fool-proof and has special commands and control panel to remotely monitor all cell phone based activities.
Shows complete compatibility with all existing operating systems such as iPhone, BlackBerry & Android so no issues of compatibility.  Below are the steady features followed by the special features offered by Snoopra. Let’s have a look!


  • SMS, chats and e-mail records
  • Spy call
  • Web history information
  • Record phone surroundings
  • Call history and contacts
  • Multimedia files
  • SMS prompts to control features
  • SIM change alerts
  • Trigger word alerts
  • Remote control panel
  • Remote phone lock
  • Remote activation and deactivation of apps
  • Remote control on target phone apps
  • Remote data backup and deletion

Snoopra is Definitely What You’re Looking For!

Snoopra works in completely stealth mode so it does not bring your relationship with your child or employee at risk. Therefore I recommend Snoopra mobile tracker software to all the parents and employers who are worried about the safety protocols and believe me, it’s worth it!


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