MIT Origami Robot self-assembles, walking and swimming, then melts

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This Origami Robot presented by researchers at MIT is able to self-assemble, in cammbinare and swimming, to dissolve.

What was shown at the conference ICRA 2015 is a small robot that will certainly talk about himself in the future, given that the video shown by researchers at MIT has a center this Origami Robot, in fact, it is able to move on any surface, also inclined, and swim exploiting the electromagnetic fields; all in an almost natural, as if to move perhaps any living being (the same case of the cheetah robot which we have talked a few days ago).

RobotThe name Origami was not chosen without reason: the robot, in fact, is able to self-assemble; as you can see in the video above, within two layers of a small sheet of paper they are made of PVC elements and a magnet: if backed PVC on a hot surface, the latter is contracted and the paper begins to curl a certain way, to form just a robot, which then starts to move 3 cm per second. Are you wondering how to make: the heart of Origami Robot is just the magnet, which, along with four coils, generates a field that can give movement to the small structure.

What can the MIT Origami Robot?

MIT researchers, through a very sophisticated system, have also managed to swim to the robot, to make him move objects, to do climbing and much more. In the title we write that the robot can also fall out, and in fact, if you use polystyrene, Origami Robot can be dissolved in acetone (but not in the water, at least for the moment): are technical details that might get bored and you are not sure to everyone – we have tried to simplify them to the maximum – but surely you’ll need to see the video of the robot with more awareness.


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