Microsoft enters the home automation with Insteon

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Whether you’re controlling your home alarm systems or your AC units, home automation is improving every day and Microsoft finally jumped on board with Insteon, a well-known brand of equipment for home automation.

Microsoft takes a step in the home automation market, starting to work with Insteon, well-known brand of equipment for home automation.

Microsoft has announced a partnership a bit’ different from those to which we are accustomed to: it’s Insteon, a company completely focused on’ home automation.

GadgetIt’s pretty easy to deduce that the plans Redmond concern the competition with Google, which for the moment has not yet produced any significant result arising from your purchase of Nest.

For what concerns Microsoft and Insteon, the fruits should come to an end almost immediate: the fact Insteon app will be integrated by the beginning of June with the ecosystem and its Windows Phone 8.1 smartphones, but Windows 8.1 desktop tablets and laptops that use the latest revision of the operating system Microsoft tout court.

The integration will continue in lockstep, especially over the ocean where there are no Microsoft Store, on whose shelves will appear Insteon products – all in all-level marketing is a rather marginal figure, however: we know that the online market dominates a lot of purchases in high technology consumer.

In any case, after this news, and following the renewed attention of Intel toward automation, we can expect that by next year the market’s attention is strongly attracted to anything that automates the daily life and brings us closer to the ideal of the ‘ Internet of Things

Intel Edison, the miniprocessore that can be integrated with appliances and wearable

How Insteon devices!

The Insteon devices generally must be purchased in packages, because its device if taken individually are not particularly useful. You could then buy an LED bulb controlled via smartphones, sure – but it is much better to invest in a Starter Kit

The Starter Kit Insteon controls the lights in the house depending on the time of day, but there are other kits that include the control of household appliances, monitoring environments, motion sensors and opening / closing windows and remote control. In short, the idea is to make the home safer and at the same time, automated and convenient.

Until now, these devices (which are found on Amazon, as well as in many stores) were integrated only with iOS devices and Android. As of June 1 will become literally “agnostic” and controllable by all systems, but the collaboration with Microsoft cable will offer the exclusive features:

  • Integration with Live Tile on WP8 and Windows 8.1, which will offer continuous status updates and real-time
  • Support for security cameras and improved full-screen
  • Visitor mode to grant limited access to visitors, children and technicians to the control system

For the record, we cited Nest and its smart thermostat . Insteon is seamlessly integrated with the Nest – pity that in Europe this beautiful device is not available.


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