MeeGoPad F10, here is the cost of production of the tablet Windows 150 €

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What is the cost of production of the tablet Windows 8.1 MeeGoPad F10?

MeeGoPad F10 is a tablet Windows 8.1 that perhaps not everyone will know: This is a ten inches which costs about 149 € – to be precise, $ 210 – and it offers a technical really good (nothing to do with Xiaomi MiPad, some, but trust me: it is a really nice tablet ).

LaptopThe components may be known to more than one of you ; proprietorial but it is better to give a better idea of the beautiful tablet that has been created:

  • Operating System: Windows 8.1;
  • 64GB of internal memory (expandable);
  • 2GB of RAM;
  • 5MP rear camera;
  • 2Mp front camera;
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi modules and Bluetooth, optional Ultrastick for 3G/4G.

The production cost of MeeGoPad F10

Yeah those 2 GB of RAM and 64 GB of those storage would have to drive up the price definitely above 149 EUR; cameras are not the best, of course, but certainly did not expect the opposite. Today we want to see just what is the relationship between production cost and selling price , having finally got some more data:

  • LCD: $ 39;
  • TP: $ 19;
  • Motherboard: $ 110;
  • Battery: $ 10;
  • 3G small plate : $ 3;
  • Room: $ 8;
  • Speaker : $ 1.5;
  • Magnetic charging port : $ 1.5;
  • Case : $ 8.

As you can see, in short, have cost $ 200, compared with $ 210 price, for a gain that does not reach even ten dollars per piece, given that by these you need to remove expenses for marketing, packaging, personnel and so on, not was a foregone conclusion, as many consumers believe – and in many cases not mistaken – that the Chinese dot on low-cost materials to offer their low-priced devices.


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