Loewe Speaker 2go music outside door

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Who loves technology adores the combination of the advanced solutions and ease of use. This mix is ​​offered in an appropriate way from the speakers offered by Loewe.

We are in the spring and you begin to experience the need for picnics and outings, able to put on record the stress of frantic hours spent at work or in the city.

GadgetHaving the speakers that are able to satisfy this mission can make the experience even more enjoyable. A good help comes from Loewe Speaker2go , a sound system that promises big sound performance and ease of use, not to lose the magic of the seven notes, even in contexts where they can help you more to fly high.

Lightweight and compact

This portable speaker is lightweight and compact. The carrying case, along with the skills set out above, allows an easy transport. His little heart technology hides two full-range speakers and an integrated subwoofer with bass reflex technology that provide a total audio power of 40 watts.

Reference figures

In terms of size, these are the values: 24 inches wide, 10.5 inches tall and 5.1 inches deep. Data of excellence if we consider that it is a device that ensures an intense sound stereo 2.1. Connectivity is at the highest level, thanks to NFC (Near-Field-Communication-Technology), which allows you to pair automatically with NFC-enabled smartphone or tablet, simply combining the two devices and without complicated setting operations. The music playback is via Bluetooth technology. This also contributes to its charm.


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