Link Building Mistakes You Ought to Avoid

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Links continue to play important role in site rankings. Google has been increasingly trying to reduce dependence on links but they still are one of the most valuable signals used to determine the site’s ranking. Here is list of 7 most common mistakes made by people who want to outsmart google

1)    Building links from Spammy sites:

You could easily find people on fiverr selling guest posts of PR5 , PR6 sites for just $5.  Here is sample:

Sometimes the deal is too good to refuse. But if the link is cheap then it cheaper for others as well. These fiverr sites soon get penalized or deindexed by Google and backlinks pointing from these sites are nullified and your site will loose traffic.

2)    Building links too fast

Google algorithms are highly unpredictable. If similar backlink experiments are performed on two similar sites then the results could be entirely different. SEO is a game of patience and precision. Google has delayed filters in place. Often webmaster when don’t see the impact of links start giving more and more of them and they end up triggering Google’s link velocity filter.

3)    Loosing links too fast:

If you loose significant percentage of your site’s link in short span of time then Google thinks that your site is no longer popular because people have taken off their links pointing to you. As a result your site will loose organic traffic.

4)    Building too many high PR links

An experienced SEO knows the importance of a high PR link and wants to build as many high PR links as possible. However, high PR links can throw your site into Google’s sandbox soon. And it might take months for your site to come out of Google’s sandbox.

5)    Building only one type of links

A natural profile is comprised of all types of links.  However, if your site’s profile is comprised of only one type of links then you are setting yourself for failure. You will soon get caught in one of the Google’s algorithmic filters and you will loose your organic rankings.


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