Libon – another application for free calls!

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Before you start, yes, free to call, what to my knowledge, you are going to need WiFi, 3G or a fee telephony promises you (falsely actually) x minutes of voice free month. With the era of smartphones seems to have offset the spending with Internet telephony. We can install applications to communicate with our without having to add more money to the amount you already pay each month for the data service. The tools are many and today tried Libon, another competitor in the Ring of free calls.

appsWhat is required and what Libon?

We could say that Libon mix a little here and a little there. Viber has some things, other BlackBerry Messenger, sometimes even reminds WhatsApp on your version of iPhone. The service offers instant messages or SMS, free calls and voice mail. So far nothing new, except that combines the best of several tools.

Of course, as with all applications of the same gender, Libon has several requirements that your service is really free.

  • Internet connection required, either a WiFi network or 3G fee. In the absence of this connection, the call will be paid for, a normal call.
  • Although there is an offer that gives 30 minutes free per month, just call and send free SMS to other contacts Libon.


As I mentioned, regarding the free calls, only they will be really free if we call contacts that have the application installed and especially if we have internet, both WiFi as data connection, although I recommend you be very careful if the you use 3G because it will consume enough of your fee. The advantage that the quality seems pretty good a priori.

Failure to meet these two requirements, the application will call you, but you be priced separately. What good is all perfectly suited. Also, now seem to have an offer (until 28 February) for which they have given me 30 free minutes per month for 3 months regardless of whether the recipients of my calls have not Libon (Internet connection is still required).

Connected to WiFi have the option to call the free service of Libon, if we supply is how many minutes this month we are, if we have the offer, we can only make free calls to contacts Libon (free option will automatically). Offline, calls are normal.

SMS and instant messaging

As happens with free calls and contacts if we Libon, WhatsApp is an instant chat type if the service is not like a normal SMS.

I think an advantage that the application integrates all services (whether or not we have free, the change is done automatically), i.e. we have to leave it to call or send messages.


This is the aspect that I find less relevant, because personally bothers me when I call someone I get the voicemail, mostly because I charge money. Libon can create custom greetings for each contact or group, in addition to the messages that leave us we can get transcribed to text. Honestly, I could have saved this section, but considering that the app is called Libon – Voicemail, should be an important feature for many users. Do you usually have voice mail activated?

Some tips and tricks

I’ve been testing the tool for a while and I have a couple of tips that you may give to future users. Libon, like many others, like ‘middle forces’ (if you want to really take advantage of) to ‘spamming’ to your contacts to download the application. The first time you to try the app you will see the option to ‘invite friends’ in the contacts tab (divided into Libon contacts and other contacts) and you can send the application to many, those who have selected your agenda. Then you can not send multiple invitations, but invite more contacts to have to do it one by one from the call tab for each contact, or from the ‘share’ option which is in the main menu.


The set of services that provides Libon is pretty good, in addition to its design, which I liked. The power to have it all in one tool quite convinces me, plus I have free service for three months. But I can not help but wonder whether it will succeed over other applications that take longer to Android … Like has reached Google Play Store too late. Moreover, it lacks video call to be more complete, you might need to be raised for future updates.

Libon Did you know? Do you think good application? Do you think you can keep up with others like Viber, Skype, Tango, etc.?


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