LG Smart Bulb, bulb controllable via iOS and Android

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LG announces the arrival of its new gadgets to consumer electronics, this time dedicated to domestic environments. LG Smart Bulb is the first brand of bulb controllable via smartphone, iOS or Android.

For a manufacturer like LG groped to capitalize on any side product derived from one of its main business is good and right thing. Why LG, as well as his most important devices such as the Nexus 5 for Google product or its top of the range as LG LG G2 and G3 Pro, has recently presented an accessory such as LG G Watch, dedicated to the Android operating system Wear.

Smart LightIt is also coming to another gadget, not wearable this time, which would respond to a well-defined “need.” Do we really need another light bulb controllable via smartphone? According to LG, yes, basically the ideal automated housing is a goal towards which the producers of consumer technology are pushing more and more.

Smart Bulb is nothing more and nothing less than a light bulb connected to the terminal of our choosing. According to this bulb will be able to last for a decade if used five hours a day. In addition, thanks to the remote control, you can set various options, such as a mode “Security” which, through sequences of switching on and off, will mimic the presence of a person in the home.

The gadget will be compatible with both iOS and on Android in the second case there will also be a signal to notify that the bulb will flash when a call arrives.

Of course it is by no means a novelty in the world of electronics, the competition is great. Just think of Philips Hue, Bluetooth Bulb, and Lumen Tabu.

It has not yet specified whether Smart Bulb will see a global launch, while the starting price will be around the $ 32.


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