Learning Techniques from the Best SEO Company

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Optimizing your website today is much different than just a few years ago because the technology has changed so quickly in such a short period of time. Techniques that worked only a few years ago are now not producing the results that were once expected. The advent of social media websites has really turned the internet on its head. What used to take months to achieve can be done in days with the proper help of social media. What used to take an eternity to reach millions of viewers can now be done overnight on Facebook and Twitter. With social media websites getting more and more authority it only makes sense that you should be incorporating social media into your SEO campaigns.


Cloud Nine Media website will show you how to create an online presence on these social media websites and begin to reap the benefits of all that traffic. Facebook is one website that you must create an online presence if you want to stay competitive within your niche. If you already have a personal account you can easily create a business fan page. This page will not be like your personal Facebook page and must be created to look as professional as your website. SEO experts can show you the proper way to optimize your business fan page so it has as much chance of getting crawled as your main website. Create as much content as possible on the fan page that show your potential customers what your company is all about.

The difference from Facebook and from your website is that the only way anyone will find your website is if they come across a link in the search engines that bring them back to your website. This is a very difficult way to attract potential visitors if you are not aware of detailed search engine optimization techniques. The advantage you have with a Facebook business page is that you can literally be exposed to hundreds of thousands of new customers literally overnight. The way this happens is if you create a small circle of followers, and they put your fan page on their walls, each post has the potential to be seen by their inner circles. So if one hundred people post your information on their walls, and they each have one hundred followers, you can easily see how your information can be in front of a huge audience overnight.

The best SEO company understands all the potential power in getting in front of all those people. They also understand that within Facebook there are groups that have thousands of members who all gladly accept new members who are encouraged to post their information. The more interaction within these groups the more exposure your fan page will receive and the more likely you will be to gain new customers. Interact with people on your fan page wall and let them know there is a real person behind the company who is online and willing to help new customers.


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