Kolibree is the brush that connects to your smartphone

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Kolibree is the first toothbrush that is connected to our smartphones here all its functions

What is the gadget of the week ? Today we present Kolibree, and pass by the camera in the form of a gun which we have talked a little ‘time ago of a toothbrush that will not give truce if you forget to take care of your oral hygiene. It is a very simple but very useful accessory, which will debut in the third quarter of 2014 at a price ranging from 99 to 200 U.S. dollars; we see at once why it costs so much.

GadgetKolibree was presented at CES in Las Vegas from a startup U.S.: This is the first electric toothbrush that is able to analyze our habits, preparing statistics and give us advice on how to improve the treatment of teeth; needless to say that it is compatible with Bluetooth and allows you to synchronize all data with smartphones and tablets.

The functions of Kolibree

A sensor integrated in the device will check the time that we will use to brush your teeth every time, and not only will control well pressure and the angle of the brush will be achieved and if the spaces covered and difficult to wash.

“Although Kolibree – these are the words of the company – do not pretend to solve problems or periodontal suggest to be able to hold off tooth decay or gum disease, the greater the care that you have for your teeth, the greater the chance of avoiding serious trouble. First Kolibree of the problem was the lack of a quick and easy way to monitor whether or not you’re doing a good job when cleaning. How better then their habits if you do not have data to check? Thinks Kolibree.”

The heads are interchangeable, so the brush can be shared by the whole family (but not recommended by the company for the proper collection of data); the vibration speed ranges from 4 thousand to 12 thousand 500 RPM and the price – as anticipatory – comes to the stars: we like as an idea, though perhaps we would not have proposed this figure. See you soon with the next gadget of the week!


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