Kodak i4000 Plus Series Scanners to reduce the human contribution

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Kodak launches new i4000 Plus Series Scanners, designed for advanced document recognition.

The recognition of documents to be fast and effective, it requires hardware and software suitable thickness, such as that of the new scanner Kodak i4000 Plus Series, which adhere to a growing need: to automate important business workflows.

GadgetMinimum human intervention

This requires a very precise process of ‘heavy lift’ in image processing, minimizing operator intervention, to improve labor productivity and ensure the correct extraction of data from documents processed.

The new generation of scanners signed Kodak i4200 Plus consists of the models and i4600 Plus The former can scan 100 pages per minute (at 200 and 300 dpi in color or black and white), with a recommended daily volume of 30,000 pages.

Far more important data, in terms of capacity, i4600 Plus, capable of processing 120 pages per minute and up to 3.5 million pages per day. Both new cameras are equipped with 2 CCDs and electronics renewed.

Sophisticated processes

Several machine learning algorithms and other intelligent systems oversee the process of Advanced Document Recognition, which allows the device to determine the type of the document and in the same area where you can find relevant information, with functional improvement in efficiency in the workplace.

This results in an optimization of the management of documents, the outcome of which is a significant reduction of manual data, with positive effects on the speed of work and on reducing downtime.


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