Kairos smartwatch hybrid with hands and OLED display for notifications at exorbitant price

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Today we present the elegant, expensive, high-performance smartwatch Kairos

We must say that this smartwatch Kairos we really like: the render you see below shows an elegant watch and at the same time suitable for any situation, as well as highly original, since, although it is a device with a lot of hands and mechanisms to view, has an OLED display that displays notifications; one smartwatch hybrid , in short, that has only one flaw, assuming that the price can be considered for such a device avowedly high end.

GadgetBut we see the first specifications of this smartwatch Kairos : Bluetooth 4.0 LE radio, 3-axis accelerometer, vibration, and a 180 mAh battery that ensures the autonomy up to seven days (of course, everything will depend on the way you use it, just as it does for smartphones, tablets, PCs, and so on). Not only are the features to like, but the bill: the transparent OLED display is in fact placed under a layer of sapphire crystal which, of course, it provides maximum protection; not even miss the touch , which, however, provides only minimal interaction within the framework of a full compatibility with Android and iOS.

Smartwatch Kairos, when pre-orders agree

And if you think it’s over, you are mistaken: you can choose if you decide to buy it, between a Japanese 21-jewel Miyota 8257 and a Swiss 25-jewel Soprod A10BV-2, which, of course, will influence the costs; those who decide to buy the second one, in fact, have to shell out $ 2,149 or 1,199 very soon. The first, however, costs $ 1,199 and can be purchased at 499, if you decide to pay it all at once.

Very high prices, in short, although this does not change our assessment of the clock: they do not find you too nice?


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